How It Works?

The process begins with an initial contact over the email or via our contact form. Here you need to let us know about a few things:

  1. Number of instances or virtual machines that you run
  2. Number of services that are run for your product
  3. Cloud components and services that you use to run your application like EC2, RDS, S3 and so on.
  4. Number of people having access in any way to these components and services.
  5. A contact person, in-charge for co-ordinating with us.

We may not need exact numbers at this point. This information helps us in planning the number of days required to perform the review and to fix the pricing. Typically, for up to 100 instances with 12 member engineering team, the review is performed over two to three days and costs around 999 USD.

Once we have the required data, we schedule a meeting time. This can be done over a video call or in-person depending up on location and availability. We may have to schedule multiple meetings with personnel performing various roles. In general, we interview the following people:

  1. Head of Technology or equivalnt.
  2. Head of Quality Engineering or equivalant.
  3. Personnel responsible for deployments.
  4. Personnel responding to outages and issues.

The list above may vary depending upon organization structure.

We need to look at the dashboard of your cloud provider. For this, we will request read-only access to your dashboard. We also look at certain parameters from inside the servers. For this, we will need unprivileged access to your some of servers. Alternatively, this can be done using a screen sharing session but we have found that the read-only/unprivileged access usually works better.

Once we talk to all the required personnel and go through the infrastructure, we will prepare a report. In the mean time, our accounts team will send you a URL for making the payment. Once the payment is received, we will send the report along with the suggestions to fix the encountered issues, including recommended tools and services to achieve the goals.

Our report is divided into 4 sections and over 40 points to judge the gaps in your infrastructure setup:

  1. Architecture
  2. Security
  3. Infrastructure Management
  4. Monitoring

In case, you have any problems in understanding the reports, email support will provided for up to 30 days.

Read a Sample Report